Daniel Choi

I'm an independent software developer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Some software applications I've created include Vmail. ViTunes, OpenMBTA, instantwatcher.com, kindlefeeder.com, Hush, and Poddb. My software has been featured in Time, The New York Times, ReadWriteHack, The Changelog, Lifehacker, BostInnovation, Mashable, Tekzilla, Macworld, gigaom.com, foxnews.com washingtonpost.com, and other places. Here is my GitHub.

For software development, I mostly use Haskell, Ruby, Objective-C, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bash, and VimScript. I am a fan of the UNIX Philosophy. I love the Unix toolkit, the Bash shell, and the text editor Vim.

You can contact me at info@kajasoftware.com.