Hush mutes your computer automatically when Hulu commercials come on.

NOTE: This project is no longer being maintained.


Note: Hush does not work with Safari on OS X Lion. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Hulu Desktop instead.

Hush is free and open source!


Download the current version of Hush here:

Unzip the zip archive, and copy the app to your Applications folder. Double-click it to launch.

How to use it

To use Hush, just launch the application.

You should see a "hush" status bar item appear in your status bar.


Now go to in your web browser of choice. We use Google Chrome.

When a commercial comes on, Hush will mute your computer's audio. You'll see the status bar icon turn from gray to green and red.


When the commercials are finished and the show resumes, Hush will automatically unmute your audio. The status bar icon will return to a gray color.


That's all there is to it. Just quit the Hush app when you're not watching Hulu videos or when you're in the mood to hear the Hulu ads.

If Hush stops working one day, please check our website for an update. We'll try to keep Hush working as Hulu makes updates to their ad-serving system.


If you use Netflix, please check out We made that too.

Bug reports, help, and feature requests

Please submit these at either of these places:


Kaja Software of Cambridge, MA did the programming. Atomic Mouse of Somerville, MA did the branding and design.


Kaja Software

Atomic Mouse